KUNIMOKU HOUSEの設計についてRegarding the Design of KUNIMOKU HOUSE:

わたしたちが建築に対して思うことOur Thoughts on Architecture

Since ancient times, we Japanese have embraced many things—objects, spaces, and more—even if they are "incomplete."

There are things that are ambiguous yet beautiful.
Since ancient times, the luminaries of Japan have explored behavior, elevated beauty, and conventionalized a culture of hospitality toorchestrate a performance for time and change through objects and space.

It seems that the Japanese expression of "beauty" has taken a mysterious and philosophical direction.
Even when creating a perfect space that expresses "beauty," we have come to accept "transition" and "decay" without resistance, embracing things as they naturally are.

Just as we find cherry blossoms beautiful for their "fleeting beauty and ephemeral nature," the Japanese sense of beauty is often influenced by "change" and "space."

Adding what can be added and not adding what is not needed. Japanese gardens emphasize "creating in harmony with nature. Unlike the harmonized landscapes of the West, we enjoy the natural changes and create spaces and times for "hospitality" within those landscapes.

We want to thoughtfully create those spaces and times, proposing a "beautiful life." We believe that this is the essential role of our design.

What is important in a beautiful life? Enjoying delicious meals, Having time to happily converse with family and friends, Waking up to a pleasant morning, Growing old together...

We want to create a "space" × "time" × "beautiful life" together with you, That is our idea of beautiful architecture.